Vocal Care - How to Take Care of Your Most Precious Instrument

In a world that can sometimes seem out of tune, it’s the musical artist that will usually cut through the din with a lyric or sound that revives, inspires or taps directly into the collective emotional state of a time.

And we know, if you’re reading this, you have something to say, you have music to show the world, and you’re looking for a way to get it out there.

But commanding a presence in the music space, cultivating a reputation and building an illustrious musical career is a goal that consists of a number of components. Components like working on your confidence, crafting your performance and then being savvy on the business side of the industry. These are all vital to the formula that breeds success. But none of those components will be of use if the fundamental matter of the quality of your singing voice is lacking.

If you have musical aspirations, though, you probably know the deal, and you’ve been practicing. And now you’re ready to start those auditions, or maybe even enrol in some MyMastery music courses – like the one we’ve made with Lira. We’ll be telling you about that a bit further on.

But first, let’s look at a very quick, at-home guide you can use to care for your gift. Your ultimate instrument. Your voice.

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Your vocal cords are muscles themselves, and just as not warming up before a run could cause injury, so too will not warming up before a song.

If you’re heading into an audition, a lesson or a performance, set aside twenty minutes to put your voice through its paces. Don’t worry about songs or vocals, just let your voice soar to start – the point is to work the muscles that would be somewhat dormant in a normal speaking range.


Water is an elixir for the body – the absolute best for overall hydration.

Your vocal cords crave a cool, silky draft of good old H2O as much as possible. So, drink water throughout the day. Your vocal cords, after all, are a complex bundling of folds that are only really able to reach those high notes if they’re optimally hydrated.


The audition, or lesson, or performance may become gruelling, and overworked vocal cords are the singer’s bane. If you’ve set them through many paces, and can feel them getting tired, remember to take the rest you need – this means no singing, and no talking until they’re fully restored. The longer the better.

Treat Those Vocal Cords Right

Everything you drink or breathe in comes into contact with the delicate musculature of your vocals. Smoking is a fast way to cover them in toxins. And the very make-up of alcohol means it’s a terrible irritant and may inflame them to the point where overworking or stressors could cause damage.

So, before an audition, lesson or performance, try not to imbibe or indulge. Rather stick to the water, or even a delightful herbal tea – as long as it’s not too hot.

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