Storytelling and Comedy – Nurturing the Art of the Funny Delivery

Stand up comedy isn’t about horses walking into bars. It’s not about a ‘knock, knock’ or a ‘who’s there?’ Why do ducks have feathers? To cover their butt quacks!

Nope, that’s not it either.

Stand-up comedy now, is a craft that incorporates the technique of storytelling – beginning, middle and end, with a cast of colourful characters, an array of worlds and scenes, and wacky conversations that all build to that payoff – the climactic punchline. This is the comedic ‘bit.’ And if it’s a story told well, the crowds will come to listen.

Comedians that have mastered the art of storytelling, are comedians that stand the test of time – and they’re mostly now legends in their own right. We all know the zany characters of Robin. The acerbic misanthropy of George. The absurdity of everyday life as told by Jerry. The funny side of social commentary from Trevor. Loyiso’s cutting, critical comedy. We bet you can conjure up some of their most famous performances right now. Why? Because each has found a way to fuse their quirky ways of thinking and observation, with storytelling. And that’s given them each a clear, identifiable voice.

As human beings, we have an innate desire – and a built-in love – for a well-told story. And because of this, the comedy world has produced some of the finest storytellers of our time. But what if you’re just starting out, finding your chops, honing your material? Well, based on the trajectories of some of the world’s funniest people, it’s possible to carve your own niche in comedy – it’s just about nurturing the story, and how you tell it.

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Finding a Voice

So, the comedic voice – how do you find yours? From writing books, to making movies, and of course comedy, developing a voice in all mediums of storytelling will only come with time, and the willingness and determination to keep writing, filming and performing. Keep at it – your fledgling style may at first emulate those that have come before you but keeping at it will allow you to understand your point of view, massage it, and slowly craft it into an original tone. 

Put in the Hard Yards

We’re not going to sugar-coat it – stand up comedy isn’t all laughs. It’s about hard graft. It’s about paying dues on the local circuit. It’s about doing as many shows as you can, to get your name and voice out there. World stages and massive Netflix comedy specials don’t come right off the bat – so get gigging.

Pace Yourself

Your material is what you’re selling. Your audience will be paying money to come and hear your story. And they’ll obviously want to be experiencing much hilarity, too. So, give them a show. Paint them a picture. The best stories don’t skimp on the detail. What’s more, as you build your goofy world, replete with your mad characters and situations, there’ll be even more opportunity to gather laughs, as you find the way of delivery that works for you.

Make Sure They Never See You Coming

This point is about standing out in a relatively saturated comedy gene pool. Steve martin said: ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.’ This is superb advice, but how does it pertain to storytelling in comedy? Well, it’s about telling it in a different way. Take risks, tell strange stories and tell them strangely – the audience that’s blindsided into a guffaw, is an audience that will remember you as a comedian with a voice to take note of.

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Introducing, Marc Lottering’s Comedy Masterclass

It’s long been known that the most influential commentator on the state of society is no longer the politician, the actor or the socialite – it’s the comedian.

But because the comedian as the storyteller must walk a fine line between bringing the laughs, and handling societal concepts with care, while always honouring the truth, being a success in the field can be very difficult to get right.

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That’s not all, though, because as mentioned, comedy isn’t just about the delivery – it’s also about the story – and Marc will show you how to tell yours.

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