Losing Weight vs Being Healthy – Yes, There’s a Difference

Gym culture has taken over the world, and it’s a beautiful thing, because now more and more, people are wanting to be active and strong, and live healthier, longer lives. For those wanting to teach fitness, wellness and health, there’s no better time than now to get stuck into this lucrative and fulfilling career.

With scientific advancements and our ever-growing understanding of the human body and what it needs to be at peak stasis, there comes the need to always stay at the forefront of body science. But it’s also not just about blasting those abs and pumping that iron. There’s now an increasing directive to eat with intent and balance, so that you’re not just sating hunger, you’re supplying your body with the things it needs to always be well. Balancing fitness, wellness and health then, is knowledge that comes with the understanding of what different bodies need to get stronger, and what needs to be put into them, so that they’re always healthy.

Remember though, the operative word here is ‘healthy.’ Let’s talk here about weight-loss and the difference between committing to a lifestyle that will get you to your goals in a more beneficial manner, as opposed to putting your body through rigours to achieve it.

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Diets are a Short-Term Fix

You better believe the next fad diet is just around the corner, getting poised to fill your head with the mumbo jumbo of overnight results, or menus that can actually cause more harm than good.

Diets tell us one thing – fast weight loss. What they don’t mention is that as soon as you resume normal eating, the weight comes back. And that’s because the main challenge to achieving healthy weight-loss, is to keep it off when it’s gone.

Again, it’s about changing your lifestyle, because that will essentially train your body and mind to be in this thing for the long run – to stay healthy, indefinitely.

It’s About Keeping It Bite-Sized – So to Speak

What we mean here, as you endeavour to become the best version of yourself, is to set small, achievable goals, and shift your lifestyle to allow you reach them.

If you need to lessen portions, do it gradually so that your body can start learning to adapt. If you need to get more physical, start a gym regime, stick to it, and plan to shift it as you get stronger and stronger.

Remember it’s all about energy in kilojoules. Bring what you can consume to feel less hungry, in line what you can burn, and a stable weight will follow. Changing that lifestyle and sticking to it, will keep you healthy, and set you up for consistent weight control for the rest of your life. Let’s leave the fad dieting to Gwyneth, shall we?

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