Leadership Classes

As entrepreneurs, there’s much that drives our internal fire, our love for the enterprising world, and the passion for the people we get to meet, interact with as colleagues, and nurture as employees.

And it’s that last part that we want to talk about here, as part of our leadership in business range of courses.

Leadership and entrepreneurial drive can very well be separated. A great innovator in business, may not always be the most skilled at developing a business’s most fundamentally vital asset – it’s people. Only great leaders can transfer their passion and drive to the people that look up to them, in ways that often change those people for the very best.

So, if you’re reading this, you’re an entrepreneur or a businessperson that has identified the important of leadership in any organisation, and you want to become better at it.

MyMastery has teamed up with a host of industry experts – known leaders in their field of trade, who’ve created excellent businesses and grown and nurtured more excellence within them. But, the ever-prevailing question that comes with this kind of conversation is, can leadership be taught? We think, yes, it can. We all have the potential to be great leaders. But sometimes, like uncovering buried artefacts in a desert, it may take a little bit of time and coaching, to find that gusto within, dig it up, and show it to those just raring to see.

Leadership training online

MyMastery, with our instructors in leadership, has put together a training course online that focuses on the nurturing and then growing of leadership qualities.

And so, you may know you lack that little something that’s stopping you from embracing your leadership value but aren’t too sure where to start. To begin, let’s identify why you should consider leadership courses, and what they could uncover for you.

"There is nothing more powerful than extending a hand and lifting up another human being. To lift as you rise does not mean you have to wait until you have the title of president or chairperson."

Bonang Mohale

President of Business Unity SA

Why should you take leadership classes?

Know your leadership style

You want to be a better leader, but you can’t begin to grow as one, if you don’t know the leadership style that resonates best with you. Task-focussed, people-focussed, a delegator, a participant - these are the leadership types, and each have good foundations on which to build. Leadership classes can help you identify your style and make it more effective.

Boost your confidence

As a businessperson, you’ve had the courage to start something, build upon it and take it to success after success.

But that’s strictly business. Leading from the front, can bring in a modicum more of emotional ties – simply because people are involved. So not many businesspeople will be able to marry the stoicism of business, with the emotion of people. Leadership classes will help you close that gap and will give you the confidence to let your leadership qualities show you the way to a better connection with your people.

Team motivation

Your people are the driving engine of the ship that is your business. Being at the helm, steering the ship, means that an immense amount of confidence and trust is put into you. As they do the work that moves the business forward, they deserve a leader that they know is pointing the business to places that mean success for all. Once they have that trust, motivation inevitably comes – motivation to keep being part of a team that’s always steaming ahead to profits, with your unwavering support and vision as their leader, as a constant comfort.

Are you ready to become a better leader?

MyMastery has teamed up with a host of industry leaders and titans of business. Just like Bohang Mohale, one of the most respected businesspeople of our time. He’s developed a course on ethical leadership and strategy, to help those in business become better guiders of their people, so that their enterprises can become more remarkable.

Discover Ethical Leadership with Bonang Mohale!

What is his secret? It’s all down to hard work, the courage to speak out when necessary, and the willingness to share knowledge and ideas.

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