Entrepreneurship 101 – How to be
an Authentic Leader

There’s no denying the value of the entrepreneurial spirit in today’s hyper-connected world. In fact, these days, one little idea and the expertise to cultivate it and bring it to fruition, can have a significant impact on society as we know it. What’s more, the successes that can come, and the jobs that can be created mean that it’s one of the most fundamental ways of changing lives for the better.

But an entrepreneur shouldn’t just be that overlord scrutinising fiscals, the bottom lines, customer volume, market share. There’s a vital human element that every business owner must adopt and nurture within themselves – authentic leadership. But what does that entail? Here are a few pointers on how to be a leader that knows the importance of people, and how key to a business’s success they are.

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Respect for Respect

Leaders care about their team. They’re empathetic to individuals, present and considerate when hearing their ideas, and endeavour to understand each team member’s personal abilities, mindset and emotions. This all combines to instil an overarching theme – a working environment that’s built on respect. Respecting one’s people, garners respect in turn. And that’s the first step to becoming a legendary leader.

Know Your People

Teams are entities build from people, and their talents, misgivings, strengths and weaknesses. These are all components that make a successful team the working cell it is. Your role as a leader, though, is to understand the individual within, what they bring to the table, and what they need help with, because weaknesses can be improved upon, and strengths must be nurtured. A good leader, then, will always bet on their people.

Check that Ego

Entrepreneurs are ambitious by nature. It’s a driving trait that does much to see visions and ideas come to fruition. But to be a great leader, one must gear that ambition away from the self, and point it to the greater cause – the business. Humble pie isn’t always a sweet dish, yes, but every great leader will strive to service the company, and the people that work for it, first.

Lead with Grace, Kindness & Motivation - Never with force.

Bad leaders adopt the tyrannical approach – often in a flurry of threats and dismissals – which effectively demotivates their people, compels them to not care, and gives them reason to take their skills elsewhere. The great leader will only motivate and encourage. And when mistakes happen, that leader will motivate more.

A workforce without fear is one that will always strive to be better.

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