Cryptocurrency Course for Beginners

There’s much that’s cryptic about cryptocurrency right now. Intangible credits made up of binary code along something called a blockchain, that you can store in a digital wallet and trade with on your phone, for certain products and services online. And it keeps going deeper into a weird and wonderful space - cryptocurrency is now being touted as the future of investing, currency that’s not regulated by any kind of government institution, but entirely through a peer-to-peer process. Quite a chin-scratcher of concept. 

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Yes, crypto is certainly no easy nut to crack. So, if you’re looking to toss your hat into the digital money investment space – or even if you just want some of the crypto-fog cleared so you can begin to understand what all the hype’s about – it may be a good plan to start off with a cryptocurrency course for beginners.

MyMastery has teamed up with a a crypto expert – to make it all a little clearer, so you can at least begin your investment journey equipped with an upper hand.

Before we point you to the class, though, let’s take a few moments to establish a top-level understanding around the intricacies of cryptocurrency, to give you a solid grounding before class starts. 

Cryptocurrency beginner’s course

Let’s take some first steps here in demystifying cryptocurrency – peeling away the first layer of this new investment phenomenon that for many is still a riddle, wrapped in an enigma.

Introducing, the key concepts of cryptocurrency. 

Crypto is free from government tie-in

The government’s influence on investment market standings – no matter the market or region – can be a little too high. A simple political flip-flop on certain socio-economic issues, for example, could mean a drastic downturn in the value of investments for citizens. That kind of control is a little too unsettling for many investors.

When it comes to crypto, though, government has no influence whatsoever – in fact, there is no central authority, so if the politics in a country become unstable, cryptocurrencies still stand firm.

Crypto is borderless

Cryptocurrency can’t be influenced by the restriction imposed on global money by inflation. So, as wealth around the world can fluctuate drastically according to global market movement, crypto largely stays static.

Crypto is transparent

When it comes to trading Bitcoin, Etherium, Tezos – whichever coin is your go-to – trades are always published, without exception. This means that crypto-trading is entirely transparent – there is no opportunity for unseemly manipulations or rule changes, mid-trade cycle.

Crypto is largely private

When it comes to choosing to trade in cryptocurrency, privacy is a welcome side-effect. Unlike with regular fiat trades, no financial information needs to be shared, and so cannot be shared with banks, credit-rating agencies, or other financial institutions.

Where can I learn crypto online?

That’s just a small taste of crypto’s fundamental features. Now, it’s time to take the next steps in learning the ins and outs of digital money, and its place in your overall investment portfolio.

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