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When it comes to talking investing – talking money – what’s the word on the lips of both the wolves of Wallstreet, and the amateur trader at home in the lounge? Cryptocurrency.

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As trading and investment in the market goes, crypto is the new kid on the block. But being a relatively young trading property isn’t what’s making it the most intriguing – and accessible – stock of the current time. It’s the fact of its very nature and build-up that’s ensuring that - crypto is digital money, intangible but valuable. It’s a monetary representation of the very theme of modern society: how we’re doing in a fully digitised world.

And so, you’re here because you want a piece of that crypto-blockchain-digital pie, but you’re not quite as clued up on the intricacies of crypto investing as you’d like.

MyMastery has teamed up with a serious trader in crypto, who has cracked the binary code on what it means to enjoy success in the digital coin space. And together, we’ve developed courses in cryptocurrency investing that run the gamut from early investor, amateur coaching, to ideas in big investment strategies for the seasoned trader.

Before you check out the MyMastery cryptocurrency class on offer, let’s set you firmly on the road to answering the question, ‘how do I learn cryptocurrency trading?’ with a quick beginner’s introduction.

MyMastery crypto investing classes

Although a new trading world, crypto investing is very learnable. And that’s a great thing, because not only is it a highly accessible trade – hobbyist traders and serious enthusiasts alike, can trade in crypto till their heart’s content. But it’s also entirely unrestricted by government regulation, or influence by fluctuating region specific markets. So, if you invest well, your money stays untouched and markedly more secure than regular stocks.

And that segues us here, into doing just that – learning how to trade well. So, we’ll teach you the intricacies of solid crypto trading in our cryptocurrency trading lessons. But let’s touch very quickly on how to get started in crypto, before you enrol.

Trading CFDs, or will it be the digital currency?

First, let’s go over how you’d like to trade. And there are two specific ways:

Contract for difference (CFD)

With a contract for difference (CFD), you’re, essentially, not buying cryptocurrency, but a contract of speculation involving its market performance. This pertains to a timeframe – when you open your position of crypto performance in the market, until you close said position. So, you’re not owning a trading property, but predicting its performance. If cryptocurrency increases in your timeframe, you make a profit. And conversely, if it decreases, you make a loss.

Digital currency

Or, you can go for buying the currency.

This is the purchasing of crypto and owning that portion of the digital currency – kept in your digital wallet. This is a mostly passive option, movement here will depend on the overall performance of cryptocurrency in general, globally. Basically, the intention here is to keep that digital wallet buttoned tight, until the coin sees a profit on the market.

"Getting feedback from the crypto community and realising how they are learning, growing and making better decisions fuels my tank."

Ran Neuner

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Learn the market

Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer trading property, and so transactions would operate in the same way. Like we mentioned, crypto doesn’t answer to government centralisation, or other stocks as indicators. It exists on a central server, tracked on the blockchain by everyone that’s bought in, and so only privy to drastic changes in this process.

You have to then, know the crypto market, inside and out. Because of the sheer volatility of crypto, anything from blockchain influence, to breaking news in the crypto world, can spin it all off axis. You must then be aware of what these influencers could be, before buying in.

Build a trading plan

Lastly, let’s establish a plan. 

In our cryptocurrency trading lessons, we’ll show you how to use risk management tools to better prepare your crypto portfolio, for possible market volatility. We’ll help you decide what currency you’d like to trade and outline your trading goals. And lastly, in your trading plan, we’ll show you how to analyse the markets for patterns according to past currency behaviour, and we’ll give you the know-how to identify and interpret the data that could impact your digital wallet.

Are you ready to learn more about the exciting, volatile, often profitable, world of cryptocurrency trading?

To check out our crypto trading class, powered by one of the most influential players on the blockchain today.

Ran Neuner - Teaches Cryptocurrency!

As the CEO of a leading crypto investment and advisory business, Ran Neuner is the perfect instructor to guide you through the whole speculative crypto space.

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